My Keepon is a toy version of Keepon Pro, developed in partnership with UK-based Wow! Stuff. In its touch mode, it responds to pokes, pats, and tickles with a rich variety of emotional movements and sounds. In its dance mode, it hears the beat in music or clapping and dances in synchronized rhythm.

A percentage of every My Keepon sale goes to the distribution of Keepon Pro robots to researchers and practitioners in the field of autism.

My Keepon is also hackable!  Connect an Arduino and control the toy from your computer.  Code is at Github, and more detailed surgical instructions will be coming soon.  
Four 10-second spots airing in the UK starting fall 2012.
A YouTube video promoting My Keepon, released fall 2011.
My Keepon was the subject of a 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek ad campaign.
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